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Mom & Me Thrift, Antiques, Jewlery and Collectables is now located in The Book Store.

About Us

A family owned business selling new and used books and more. The Book Store is a regular books store with secular books from many genres. You can find westerns, mysteries, romance, period pieces, teen and young people, children's books, cookbooks, travel, history, arts, music, christmas, science fiction, fantasy and much more. The Book Store also has a collection of new and used Christian books, gifts and supplies. While not a full Christian Book Store, we try to offer what is needed for this community. We also plan to have gospel music. The Book Store has specialty books like stickers and local authors as well as books about our Florida.

The Book Store now offers Christian gifts and Mom & Me thrift, Antiques and Collectables have a mini store inside The Book Store. You will find unique items, gifts, home fashions, art and jewelry. Mom & Me regularly rotates items in and out so check back often.

The Book Store began with Hank and Marilyn Louwerens and then to their daughter and son-in-law Dave and Elizabeth Sinclair. As Liz was ready to retire and take some time exploring the world, she decided to simply close the store. A number of people were disappointed and wanted to see it stay open. Many regular and even occasional customers felt the store was a part of the historic downtown and provided an anchor. The Chilcutt family have been friends with Liz for a number of years. Kevin and Liz both worked together as reporters. The boys would often come in and loved to read. They would order books and became friends with Liz, who gave them a special discount. The boys, started a business, The Boyz, and helped Liz with yard work. Upon learning of the closing, the family approached Liz and expressed how they wanted to be part of downtown and how they loved books and the store. Barbara has not worked outside of the home since her first son, Ryan, was born. With the boys getting older, it all came together and a great offer from Liz put the Chilcutt family in The Book Store.

The Building is the old Dr. King Drug Store and is joined to the King Grocery/General/Hardware Store. The building is on the National Registry of Historic Places. The old brick building has a tongue and groove ceiling with brick walls. It has served the community for around 100 years. Look close and you can see the changes over the years as a flat front was replaced with a diagonal entrance, windows were bricked up and the old soda fountain removed. Ask and we will tell you about the secret room and the old air compressor.

Do you have information, pictures or items from the building over the years? Let us know. We would like to share with others.

Barbara and Kevin Chilcutt, owners

Ryan, Travis, Alexander, Hunter and Grant Chilcutt

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