Thew Book Store is located in the historic King's Hardware Building and is listed on the National Registery of Historic Places.

Mom & Me Thrift, Antiques, Jewlery and Collectables is now located in The Book Store.


The Chilcutt Family restores and dedicates a flagpole in memory of, Freddie Lindsey, a neighbor who served.


This is the text to the dedication sign posted for the 2013 Memorial Day Weekend:  The Flagpole belonged to a war hero who passed after a house fire. Freddie Lindsey, 1947-2001 was a U.S. Army Sergeant, serving in Vietnam. A friend, Bennett, tells the story of how Freddie (a black American) pulled him (a white American) from enemy fire and carried him to safety. He says he would have died if not for Lindsey. Most people in the community say they knew Freddie as a kind person. He had a home built on North 12th Street, the home that burned down. In the backyard was this flagpole. It has been painted and restored and now flies in memory of U.S. soldiers whose only color was red, white & blue. Thank you veterans for your service and our freedom.


The pole was rusting and leaning in the overgrown backyard.Freddie's sister agreed to give the flagpole to Kevin Chilcutt. Kevin and his sons, Hunter and Grant, sanded, painted and restored the pole. The City of DeFuniak Springs gave permission to place it in the right-of-way after an underground line check. The Book Store bought the supplies and the flag. Local disabled veteran Lewis Lawrence gave the black "All Gave Some, Some Gave All" flag. The gold eagle was white as Freddie had it, but as Kevin was painting everyone kept asking why it was not gold. It is now gold. The family also donated an ammo belt and pouch that was added to the display. These will be displayed in the store.


Memorial Day weekend 2013, Kevin invited Freddie's sister to come see the pole and memorial. It turned out her family was in the area on vacation. By the end of the day, most of Freddie's brothers and sisters, as well as nieces and nephews had all been able to come and see the pole and display. His brother, Charles Butler, talked about Freddie's service to our nation. He was recognized with awards and served two tours in Vietnam.


Kevin and Barbara Chilcutt, owners of The Book Store and parents to five boys say, "It is the service of heroes like Freddie Lindsey that give us the ability to have this store and raise our sons in a free country." They thank every veteran who served, wartime or not as well as the sacrifices of their families.


Freddie lived across the street from WZEP AM 1460 and was friends with owner Art Dees and News Director Kevin Chilcutt. The location is near a swamp and sometimes an alligator can be seen. It was a common practice for Freddie, Art and Kevin to keep each other up to date on the gator sightings. Art tells the story of a time Rotarians from Australia were visiting our town and Freddie called the station to report the alligator was sunning itself on the old beaver home. Art says that pretty much ended the tour of the station as the Rotarians grabbed cameras and headed out to the swamp.


Freddie's home was rebuilt through a program. Art says it was a delight of Freddie to come each day and make sure the workers were doing a good job of building his home. Art says he enjoyed "being the boss" of the workers.

Freddie was found in the home he loved after a fire. The fire was a total loss. Kevin Chilcutt says, “The work of service members like Freddie continue long after his death as this nation is still free.”

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